My style is realistic, it came about because of the influence of the Surrealists. If you can paint the real world, then you have a chance to illustrate another one. I drew my ideas and then began to paint in a realistic way to make real things that I couldn’t build. With this in mind I applied to and got into Saint Martins School of Art in London with the idea of being a fantasy illustrator, designing for books and films.

I found success and settled in the fibre-glass industry making children’s play equipment, which I both designed, sculpted and built.

In the early eighties I had the good fortune to meet Robert Lenkiewicz. I saw how hard he worked, I realised that Art wasn’t an easy option and that you can use it to resolve the questions I wanted to ask.

I came to America in 1999 and have worked as an Artist since, painting Corporate and private portraits, painting around the country in plein air events, organising parties, making the props for them, I also went back to sculpting, this time the figure, and overall turning my attention back to painting portraiture. I still do design work, which I’ve also liked a lot, and the design styles of Art Nouveau and Art Deco, still hold a soft spot in my heart. Occasionally I like to paint the figure reflected in a mirror, I like shop interiors, standing on the street looking at a display which was put together by a window dresser and lit perfectly, and then you notice the reflections, area’s that aren’t lit reflect back what’s behind you, but in reverse, then there’s corner windows where you can see beyond what’s in the shop itself. The world is an amazing place.

Information from Henryk’s website.